Stay Safe on Snowdon

Here are some safety tips for Snowdon. Although beautiful, weather can change on a hourly basis. You don’t need to be an experienced walker to climb Snowdon, but you need to be prepared. Be prepared and you can stay safe with these top tips:-

  • Give Yourself Plenty Of Time – The average walker can climb up and down Snowdon from Llanberis in around 6 hours.
  • Take a backpack – In that backpack include: a map, a compass, wet weather gear (coat & leggins), warm weather gear (nylon or fleece), high energy food, survival bag, plenty of water, a torch (with spare batteries), a first aid kit, a whistle & a mobile phone. Snow boots & an ice axe are essential for walking in winter.
  • Don’t Go Up In Trainers – Always wear proper walking boots.
  • Walk Up The Llanberis Path – if you are inexperienced. It’s the most well defined route.
  • Don’t Rely On The Mountain Railway or The Cafe – Both are closed in the winter and closed in high winds.
  • Get a Good Weather Forecast – either by ringing 09068 500449 or visiting this link
  • Unsure? Go on a guided walk with professionals. Visit the MLTB website for more details

Be sure to check the website of Llanberis Mountain Rescue ( for more safety tips.

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